Guests: 9
Size: 5,65 m
Main engine: Suzuki 115 hp
Auxiliary engine: Suzuki 6hp
Speed boat driving license valid in EU Required: Yes
Skipper: Optional

Speed boat driving License valid in EU or skipper required
Guaranty deposit (refundable): 350€ or passport.
Cancelation fees: No refunds under any circumstances will be provided if the notice of cancellation is less than 24 hours

Full day Cruises to neighbor islands please check also skipper full day and select the destination

  • snorkeling material
  • cooler box
  • waterproof bag for your mobile phones and water sensitive material
  • SKIPPER/GUIDE If you wish a professional skipper to company you please Check the appropriate radio button on the right part of the screen
  • Food and drinks
  • FUEL IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: The engine has a timer counting the time the engine is running. When you turn off the engine, e.g. when swimming, the timer stops. The fuel cost is €40 per hour according to timer’s indications at checkin and checkout. In an average our clients use the engine 2h-3h.
  • VIP TRANSFER with our luxurious van from hotel- Vlychada harbor (round trip, max 5 guests):

Select the location from the drop down list. Email us the exact pick up location and time.

  • EXTRA EQUIPMENT (on demand):
    • Video Camera Go Pro Hero: €10
    • Baby Life Jackets: Free Of Charge
    • Waterproof jacket: Free Of Charge


  • Discover the volcano and santorinian cliffs from the sea level
  • Swim to the volcanic Hot springs
  • Sail to red, white, black beaches
  • The driver of the vessel should possess a speed boat driving license valid in the EU and the necessary sea experience to guarantee that all passengers enjoy a safe and pleasurable trip on the vessel. The driver is also responsible for all matters that may arise.
  • The driver of the vessel should be informed about the local weather conditions, the day of the charter and decide whether they are appropriate to his experience and capabilities .
  • Sailing is NOT permitted with wind conditions force 6 or more.
  • The driver of the vessel must possess a mobile telephone
  • Sailing is prohibited further than 3NM of Santorini’s coastline without one of our skippers. Follow the recommended route on the map provided. Return before sunset in order to facilitate visibility and orientation
  • The vessel is delivered and returned at the same point. If for some reason our company has to recuperate and return the vessel from inside the caldera to its base the cost is €100. If the vessel is outside the caldera, the cost incurred (which cannot be calculated in advance) will be charged to the customer.
  • Telephone and inform your time of arrival 30 minutes in advance so that we can arrange to be there for the return of the vessel. Do not leave the vessel unattended until it is returned to one of our employees.
  • Control together with our employee the condition of the vessel at Check in and Check out.You will be asked to pay in case of dammages or losses according to the Inventory List and replacement prices here below.
  • The boats have a full insurance. For every claim, where the driver’s responsibility is engaged, the customer is responsible for the first €450 for damages to others and the first €400 for damages on our boats. The insurance is activated beyond these amounts.
  • The customer has no responsibility on any accident, and no guaranty deposit is requested in case the driver is one of our skippers.


  • Cancelations prior 24h of the cruise are fully refundable. No cancelations are accepted within 24h prior the departure, the full amount of the cruise has to be paid.
  • If weather conditions the day of the cruise are inappropriate (wind force 6 or more), the cruise has to be either postponed for another day or canceled and totaly refounded


Customers, at any circomstances, cannot claim from the company more than the amount of money paid for their cruise or in certain cases the amount fixed by the insurance contract of the boat.

FUEL IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: The engine has a timer counting the time the engine is running. The fuel cost is €40 per hour according to timer’s indications at checkin and checkout.

INVENTORY LIST and replacement prices

  • Life jacket: €15 each
  • Small flotation ring with rope: €20
  • Big flotation ring with rope: €35
  • Knife: €10
  • Anchor, anchor’s chain 10m and anchor’s rope 20m: €110
  • Cooler box: €40
  • Torch with batteries: €10
  • 3 flares and fumigene: €25
  • Floating anchor + 20m rope: €30
  • Buoy: €30
  • Plexiglass broken: €350
  • Snorkels: €10
  • Airtube: €8
  • Mask: €30
  • Go pro Cam loss: €450
  • Raft: €80
  • Pharmachy €35
  • Fire Extinguisher €30
  • Oars (2) €30
  • Ropes 10m €5
  • Sunroof (Bimini) €130
  • Waterproof Jacket €10
  • Propeler €350
  • Waterproof Bag €20
  • Mask (snorkle) €30
  • Go Pro Cam €500


  • Always wear the “quick stop”.
  • Do not abandon the vessel. Remember In the worst of situations you are safer and more visible on an ungoverned or even capsized vessel than swimming alone in the open sea. Abandon only in case of uncontrolled fire and make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment in order to be able to signal for help.
  • Do not stop or pull the vessel on the beach.
  • Keep distance from floating ropes and fishing equipment.
  • Keep a distance of at least 200m from where swimmers may be found. If you need to approach an area where there are swimmers, maintain lowest possible speed and be on the alert to avoid collisions or accidents.
  • Keeps 100m distance from the orange floaters indicating the position of divers.

A spacious and comfortable 5.65m lenght speed rib boat accommodating up to 9 guests. Ideal for couples, families and small groups of friends willing to explore Santorini or neighbor islands on their own (speed boat license required) or with a professional skipper-guide! Our experienced team will provide you all the instructions about where to sail and more important where not to sail before embarkment as well as a quick review of the boat. For your enjoyment, we provide free snorkeling material, cooler box, towels, waterproof bag for your mobile phones and water sensitive material and waterproof jackets if needed according to the weather conditions.

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  • 400.00€
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